The Religio Church Management System

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Increase Event Attendance Easily organize your calendar. Create events that will get more people to come. Also, know which events are most attractive based on trends, couple that with groups and you have the insights to make your church community central. On top of that with our crucial geolocation feature, you can know how often people come to mass.
Grow Your Donations View real-time donation analytics that helps you make informed financial decisions. Additionally, readily create fundraisers at a push of a button. Currently, 1/3 of parishioners attend mass less than once a month, set them up for recurring giving so you can continue to get streams of money.
Organize Your Members Make your administrative life easily with software that puts you in control of your church. Categorize and tag individuals. Organize volunteers to help your church thrive. Additionally, with the ladder technique be able to increase and monitor engagement.

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