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Our Philosophy

We believe ethics and morals matter. We believe communities of people filled with faith are moral and ethical ones. But churches as a foundation of our society have recently been hurt dramatically by growing secular culture. We are bringing the power of churches back to our society. We believe in the good that churches can continue to do with a new foundation for the 21st century.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring technology to churches. We believe in creating a more moral and ethical world. We believe in the positive change that churches bring. Religion furthers hope in humanity and perpetuates charity and unity within our world. The information revolution has passed religious communities by. We want to change that.


Peter Cetale

Founder, CEO

Peter Cetale is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Religio, Inc. and is an entrepreneur on a mission to bring technology to churches. He has been involved with business since a very young age. He created his first enterprise, Food Ready to Go, which was a mobile food delivery company at the age of 16. He previously founded and managed Church Deposit, a business that provides churches with a platform for mobile donations. He is a graduate of Cornell University.

He leads the complete operations of Religio Inc. and is focused on improving the connectivity between the church and its members. He is a devout Christian and has an extensive knowledge of the religious technology industry. He believes church membership will dramatically improve through utilizing Religio services because of our key insight into religious millennials. Peter Cetale envisions religion in the 21st century thriving with connectivity and community through the enhancement of technology.

Albert Caldarelli

Cofounder, CTO

Albert Caldarelli is the Co­founder and Chief Technology Officer of Religio, Inc. He previously founded Church Deposit, Inc. with Peter Cetale. He created the complete infrastructure of the Church Deposit product from the ground up. This included the control panel, website, mobile application, and payment backend.

He is a graduate of Cornell University where he majored in Information Science. He previously created monster music, a groundbreaking educational music application for children. In addition, he also created Jugo, which is an event planning and ticketing software. He is an expert in programming and is a pioneer for the religious technology industry. He has extensive knowledge in payment securities and backend programming. He is in charge of the technology division of the company, as we expand our services to better support the religious communities.


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