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Religio boosts engagement between your church and its members

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How we help

We give churches the tools to bring their faith forward by better connecting with, engaging with, and retaining their parishioners online

Increase Engagement Our software creates an ideal community for mentorship, volunteering, and even people doing business within the church. Religio’s Ladder technique constantly pushes members further up the ladder of engagement. This way your church isn't only on Sunday, it’s every day.
Increase Donations Our robust giving platform will make giving easy with recurring donations as well as insights into each person. Additionally, because they will now have more involvement and ownership in the community, they will want to give more. By actually helping members network they will be able to be more successful in their jobs and allow them to donate more.
Increase Membership Religio helps to create an environment where every member is constantly involved within the church. Our retain technology has put a focus on the youth, so you are investing in the future of your church. Our evangelization algorithm will automatically pinpoint new members to constantly get your masses packed with people.


"Religio has been of great help in our parish since last year until now. Peter Cetale is both very talented and knowledgeable in such areas and can be of help in aspects like what he has done to our parish." — Father Agustin Opalalic Our Lady of Angels | San Diego, CA

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